Triad Industries FZE is a diversified chemical company providing innovative products, services and solutions for the printing ink and coating industry around the globe. We are committed to the highest quality  standards and quality control procedures for all the materials we process.       

Triad Industries FZE is headed by Dr. S. Ashok, who did his Research work in Resins & Binders from Polymers, Plastics & Paints Division of Mumbai University  Department of Chemical Technology and was  awarded the Doctoral Degree in the year 1979. The company was formed in 1997 and has  continuously served the industry since then. The operations of the company is managed by Raj Gopal along with a team of experienced professionals.

The main activity of Triad Industries FZE are

       a)  Toll Manufacturing and marketing of Resins, Pigments & Chemical raw 
            materials for the Printing Ink and Coating Industry.

       b)  Import / Export and distribution of raw materials for the Printing Ink &  
            Coating Industry in  the  UAE,  GCC countries, India,  Africa, Far East and  Europe.

       c)  Customizing and providing end to end solutions for the printing and coating industry.

We know that our success depends on giving our customers the service they deserve. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and your company in the near future.